Lets know what happen when you pop your fingers

                  Some pop their finger just to feel good and have habit of popping fingers. And when the time past without even knowing themselves they keep on popping their finger. For us it may not be any scenes of problem or any disorder but in California a doctor Donald Unjer has being doing research on the effect that could happen in the body due to the finger popping from 60 years. You may this how can he researched for 60 years? The thing is that he used to pop the fingers of one hand and do not pop the fingers of another hand.And after every month he examined his hands.

After 60 years what he found was that there is actually no difference between the finger popped and the fingers which are not popped but later there is kind of pain in the joints of finger popped.

According to his research ‘There a kind of fluid found in our joints which is called synovial fluid. When we pop our finger the fluids get into the joints and create air bubble. And when we again contract our joint there is popping sound after the air bubble get cracked.’ If you want to pop your finger two times then keep the interval of 20 minutes between them. But Donald says that if anyone has habit of popping fingers then it is wise for them to get rid of them because for a little moment of good time you may have to pay in future.Donald had also received Nobel prize for his this research.


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