If you want to know that your Facebook account has been hacked then follow these steps >>>



1) Log in to your account then
2) go to settings then
3) There is a security tab click on it then
4) you`ll see Active sessions tab click on edit there
5) if you see more than one session then there could be a possibility that your account has been hacked what to if your account has been hacked simple
6) just click on end all active session button you`ll be logged out of every device where your account is online.



### Here are some more tips to make your account safe and secure from Getting Hacked >>>>>


[1] if your facebook account is Hacked. it can not be re-hacked again because it is in the Hand of a person who have knowledge about Facebook account Hacking. the only option you have is to Recover your account by your primary e-mail address.
Here are some tips to make your account safe and secure from Getting Hacked.
1 : Do not give same password to your facebook account and to your primary e-mail address. for example if your facebook password is “abc123” then password for your primary e-mail should be “bca543” etc. but they should not be same.
2 : Change your passwords on regular base.
3 : Always secure your account with Mobile Phone Number.
4 : if you are using yahoo then keep checking yahoo e-mail because yahoo accounts get de activated when you do not check it for long time. and it can be trouble for you. i suggest you g-mail.
5 : Never accept links from Non-Trusted people. and if you opened the link mistakenly then change your password directly.
6 : Do not accept “app request” from Non-Trusted People.
7 : Whenever you have doubt that some one is using your account, go to setting and change your password and then click “Log me Out of other devices.
8 : Always change your password after using account in Cyber Cafe or anywhere else.
9 : when you log-in to facebook it asks your for “Save Password for this site” . Never save your password because these passwords are stored in your Browsers which can be a problem for you.
These are some security tips about Facebook account. if you follow them then no one can Hack you easily. and even if you get Hacked, you can recover your account easily.


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