Kuaiyong Mobile – Free Cracked Apps – No Jailbreak No Computer Needed

You must 1st install the KY software and connect your phone to it. Hit the screwdriver button one time and disconnect. Once you’ve done this one time it will work like in video. KY exe file can bedownloaded here.

Kuaiyong has a mobile site that allows you to install cracked paid for apps for free, doesn’t require a jailbreak, an Apple ID and is currently working. You don’t even need a computer, you do it all on your iPhone, iPad or iPod. It’s actually very simple only requiring the use of a free Asian proxy server. The only drawback, it’s dial-up painfully slow. That said, this is a good option if you are having a problem with Kuaiyong or 25PP. Some can’t search for or download paid apps, while others get the app installed, but it asks for Apple ID and password or crashes on launch. This video shows the simple process and for a step by step click continue reading. 

Step 1 – Go here and get the IP address and port number of an Asia proxy server. In this case Chinese.

Step 2 – Goto Settings – Wi-Fi and tap the blue arrow to see more options about your Wi-Fi network. Scroll down and tap Manual under HTTP Proxy. Enter the IP Address and port number you got in Step One.

Step 3 – Open Safari and enter this url

Replace the word numbers with whatever word you want to search for. For example, plants would work if you wanted to download Plants vs Zombies. In this example, we downloaded the Apple Numbers app. You want to enter the url directly so you don’t waste time going from page to page in the Kuaiyong website. Free proxy servers are slow. The 250 MB Numbers app took about 3 hours to install. Some proxy servers are faster than others, but for a free one that is likely typical. Plants vs Zombies should take about an hour.
Step 4 – Scroll to find the app you want and tap the button to download it. You should get the pop up displayed here. Tap Install. Tap the home button and exit Safari. You should see the app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod screen (it’s likely white). Go back to the Wi-Fi Settings and turn off the Manual HTTP Proxy you setup in Step 2

Step 5 – The app will start installing. The icon should relatively quickly (a few minutes) change from white to the actual app icon. Then a blue download progress status bar should start displaying. This could take an hour or more depending on the size of the app. About every 10 to 30 minutes you’ll get a pop up asking if you are Done or to Retry. Just tap Retry and your download picks up where it left off. Again, this Step sucks and takes quite awhile.


Step 6 – Once it’s done downloading it will stop displaying “Waiting” under the icon and read “Installing”. This goes much faster than the downloading, but still takes awhile.

That’s it. Once it’s done tap on the icon and it opens and works perfectly.


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