Iced Jasmine Tea with Strawberries

The combination of the jasmine white tea and the strawberries gives this iced tea a yummy flavour with tons of health benefits – from antioxidants to natural stress fighters to immune boosters!

(Always use organic ingredients when available.)


6 bags of Jasmine tea (ideal: full-leaf pyramid bags)
2 cups of fresh or whole frozen strawberries
6 cups of purified water
Ice as desired
Optional: a natural sweetener such as pure maple syrup, stevia or raw honey to taste
Lemon slices for garnish


Fill a tall glass pitcher with 6 cups of boiling purified water. Let cool for 5 minutes.
Add 6 full-leaf pyramid bags of Jasmine tea and let steep for 5 minutes
Blend the strawberries in a food processor, hand mixer or blender until they are pureed
Mix tea, strawberry puree and desired amount of natural sweetener in pitcher. Add ice to chill.
Add lemon slices for garnish, stir and enjoy!

For detail: Click Here

20130529-102312 PM.jpg


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