जर्मनीमा अउ-पेयर किन र कसरी बन्ने ?

जर्मनीमा अउ-पेयर किन र कसरी बन्ने ?
This document is written by Musica Khadka:

To become an Au Pair in Germany, it costs nothing:

• What is an AU PAIR? What does it means?

The term “au pair” is French and means “equal to, mutuality.” It implies that giving and taking
between you and your host family should be well-balanced.

• Come as an Aupair to Germany and experience the year of your life!

• Germany
offers a multifaceted culture and life-style, it is a vibrant, modern
and open-minded country. In your free-time you will have plenty of
opportunities to travel, do sightseeing and enjoy Germany’s world-known
regions and landscapes.

an Au Pair you will have the unique opportunity to live and work in
Germany with one of our friendly and carefully selected German host
families. In the course of your Aupair year in Germany you will be able
to expand your knowledge about the German way of life and you will
experience Germany’s exceptional culture hands-on. In no time you’ll
improve your German language skills and will be able to communicate
fluently. Your au pair year in a foreign country will considerably help
you to grow more mature, independent and self-confident.

• We
know what it means to go abroad and we have experienced the benefits of
a year in a foreign country ourselves. We highly recommend that you
indulge in this great opportunity that will help you grow as an

• ‘The
Nepalese living in Germany’ team will be there for you every step of
the way. We will help you with your application, talk to you on the
phone before your placement to get to know you personally and help you
with all questions and problems. We love to hear from you when you’re in
the country, give us some feedback. And of course we will help you out
in the very rare case that things don’t work out with your family!

• Basic Requirements:

• You should be between 18 and 25 years
•You should be single, unmarried and should have no children of your own
•You should be ready to work in Germany for 6-12 months
should have some experience with children, like having watched your
neighbors’ kids or having completed an internship in a nursery school
•You should have a High School Diploma
•You should
physically and mentally be capable of performing the tasks of an Au Pair
You should have a clean criminal record
•You should be willing to integrate into a German host family and adapt to live and customs in Germany easily
•You have to cover your travel expenses to and from Germany yourself
•dear family letter in german language
•photographs with childrens
•if you have driving license
•single passport size photo

• when:
you transfer these all the documents then only aupair agency in germany
will accept your document. Until and unless you donot submit whole
these documents your documents are not forwarded to any host family.
When you complete this procedure then German aupair agency will email
you application form. Those forms may be in German language or in
english version too. You have to fill that correctly and email back to
German aupair agency in their email id. Then they start searching family
for you. after having this all you can find a host family easily
without paying money.then you will have a skype talk with family and you
and family together will talk and decide about remaining things. This
is the process of aupair.

• Duties of the Au Pair
main task of an Au Pair is caring for the host family’s children for
about 6 hours a day or 30 hours a week. This may include taking them to
and from kindergarten, school or activities, playing with them inside
and outside the house, doing arts and crafts or other fun
projects, helping them with homework and/or taking them to bed at
are also asked to perform light household chores, which include
preparing small meals for the children, straightening up, washing,
ironing, mopping, vacuuming and just in general cleaning up after
yourself. Sometimes your host family may ask you to do some grocery
shopping for the family and yourself.

• Two
nights a week you may also be asked to do some babysitting, but you
will schedule these nights with your host family individually.

• Your rights as an Au Pair
an Au Pair you receive free room and board for the duration of your
stay. Your host family provides a comfortable, fully furnished private
bedroom free of charge in their home for you. You also enjoy your meals
with your host family.

• Your host family will treat you as a part of the family and integrate you in their life as much and actively as you wish
your work an Au Pair you receive a monthly pocket-money of 260€. Your
host family pays for your monthly ticket for public transportation, so
that you will be flexible and can access your language school or
friends’ houses easily. In more rural areas, you sometimes have access
to the family’s car if they do not need it.

are encouraged to and have the right to attend a language school in
your area, normally twice a week. Generally, your host family will
partly or fully sponsor this class. In your free time you should have
the opportunity to experience cultural events with your new friends,
such as theater productions, museums, festivals and movie theaters.

the weekends you are generally off and do not work for more than 30
hours a week! When you’re staying in your host family for 12 months you
are entitled to 4 weeks of paid vacation.

your host family goes on vacation, they normally take you with them
(while you’re working for them). If you do not accompany your host
family, they will provide you with adequate food during their absence.
Your host family covers your basic health insurance for the duration of your stay.
Visit a German language course!
courses in Germany are a fantastic way of experiencing German culture
and learning German or perfecting your language skills.
Why come to Germany for a language course?
If you don’t have enough time for a full-fledged Au Pair or Demi Pair stay, or would like to
focus more heavily on language learning, you may want to simply visit a German language course instead.There
are many great advantages to learning German right here in Germany. By
coming here, you are really setting yourself up to study. You’ll be in a
course together with students from all over the world who’ll probably
speak German better than they speak English. Your tutors will be German.
And if you stay with a host family, you won’t even get a chance to talk
in your native tongue – you’re immersed in the German language
full-time. Because of this, you’ll learn at an unmatched pace and level
of quality.
aside from the academic advantages, though, coming to Germany is also a
unique experience. You’ll be in direct contact with everything
German – our lifestyle, our way of thinking and acting, our very
culture. If you plan on establishing or maintaining a relationship to
Germany, be it to study here or to deal with business contacts, knowing
German culture from the inside will be a great boon. Besides, it’s just
plain fascinating – somewhat like being on a holiday trip, only more


agencies in Nepal do not do anything. Their work is just to transfer
your document to german agencies. All the works are done by german
agencies not the nepal agencies. You can do everything yourself through

For Aupair who are already in

you are facing problems regarding your host family you can change the
family. If you are in confusion that you are through another agency and
cannot change the family hiring next agency then leave your confusion
there. Because no matter it is your right to choose the agency.You are
the one to decide your future not the agencies.You can contact me
anytime if you are willing to change the host family. But remember
changing host family doesn’t mean without any reaon you change just. You
need to show us the reason why do you want to change the family?..


If you want to really be an au-pair you can do it yourself through the internet also. Here are the steps of loging to several
aupair sites which makes you to find a host family on your own


above 3 sites are the best sites to interact with host familes. You can
see more than 100 of host familes who are registering themselves in
search of aupairs.

you have to open the website, register yourself by providing all the
details that are asked in the website then you can make a username and
password like you do in facebook or yahoo.then after registering
yourself on those sites the owner of the aupair site will email you
giving one locator id no. which means
your identity no.then you can search the host family from there and add
them in your favourite list if you are interested on them. once you add
them in favourite list the host families knows that you are interested
on them and they will try emailing you wether positively or negatively.


request each and every ladies who are willing to be an aupair in
Germany atleast to complete your german language nicely upto A2 because
more you know more it is easy for you. And I request you to communicate
with host family time to time. Do not take any quick decisions. Skype
with them several times, ask them each and everything regarding your
foods, room, hobbies everything in detail so that latern after coming to
Germany you won’t face any problems.It is very necessary to know each
and every details about the family before you take the decision to live
with them. Remember you are going to live with them for 1 year which
means a big period of time. So think twice before taking any decisions.

is a known youth program of the international exchanges which enjoys
wide popularity among students and graduates of HIGH SCHOOLS as gives
the chance to visit without special expenses other countries and to
improve the knowledge of foreign languages. To search for accepting
family it is possible independently and directly — through corresponding
However the majority of participants prefer to use services of
intermediary agencies which for a certain payment select suitable
variants, help to make all necessary papers and give consultations on
various questions. For opening of such agency rather small starting
capital and knowledge of one or several foreign languages is required.

you want to
apply self by understanding all the things we can also provide you the
email address of German agencies directly so that you can emial them and
find family yourselves.


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